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Photos are by various crew and passengers.


Appledore IV, a 85 foot gaff topsail schooner owned by BaySail Bay City in Bay City, MI.


Appledore V, a 65 foot gaff topsail schooner owned by BaySail Bay City in Bay City, MI. Was previously sailed as Westwind in Traverse City, MI.

S/V Denis Sullivan, a 137 foot Great Lakes Schooner, modeled after the Moonlight and the Rouse Simmons. Owned by Discovery World in Milwaukee, WI.


Gypsy Meltdown, commonly known as Gypsy M, is a 36 foot on deck, 40 feet overall is a gaff-rigged modified New Haven Sharpie. Owned by Capt. Hugh Covert.
Hand built by Captain Hugh Covert of epoxy and 25 types of wood, completed in 1998.

Ishtar, a 20 foot garvey, a type of scow, with a balanced lug sail, built by Capt. Hugh.


Lady Washington, a 112 foot brig owned by Gray's Harbor Historical Seaport in Aberdeen, WA.

Liberty Clipper, a 125 foot gaff topsail schooner owned by Liberty Fleet in Boston, MA.


Schooner Manitou, a 114 gaff topsail schooner owned by Travrse Tall Ship Company in Traverse City, MI.


Canada's North Channel and Georgian Bay -
The best way to experience the North Channel and Georgian Bay is cruising on a sailboat.